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——More than 10 years of research, development and production of geomagnetic

Wuxi Huasai Weiye Sensing Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological innovator in the geomagnetic detection industry. Since its founding in 2008, the company has been forging ahead with independent research and development of software and hardware, and has dozens of independent intellectual property patent technologies. Rich achievements have been made in the fields of ultra-low power consumption algorithms, integrated welding and packaging technology

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Respond to the call for infrastructure construction and help urban development

Geomagnetic detection national

It has dozens of independent intellectual property rights and geomagnetic software copyrights. It has a R&D team with more than 10 years of experience and has achieved remarkable results in many technical researches such as ultra-low power algorithms. It can provide large-scale customers with special needs. Individual custom development services.


Geomagnetic is higher than 99%

Through large-scale and long-term actual testing in harsh environments such as severe cold and scorching heat, it is ensured that the detection accuracy of geomagnetic equipment is higher than 99%; through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, the Huasai team spent 10 years developing a device that can Geomagnetic equipment for long-term detection in complex environments。


Monthly production capacity 1W+

The product series is complete, and we have maintained long-term cooperation with many large domestic enterprise projects. We have a large amount of ready stock and sufficient inventory. We have large-scale R&D and production in large production bases, with a monthly output of more than 10,000 pieces. Stable supply capacity eliminates your worries.


Quick docking guidance and full service

In order to enhance customers' value experience of the product before sales, the company provides docking agreements, quick docking guidance, flexibility and efficiency! After-sales service provides nationwide on-site installation guidance, full technical support within the product life cycle, and a service life of more than 5 years. The one-on-one after-sales team responds quickly to your needs。


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